Aluminium Pressings

Our capabilities in Aluminium include Pressings, Cladding, Cills, Rollings, Flashings, and Soffits

At our factory, we boast a diverse range of capabilities to cater to your specific needs in aluminium pressings, cladding, cills, rollings, flashings, and soffits. Our advanced equipment, including shears and a brake press, enables us to handle a variety of projects with precision and efficiency.

Aluminium Pressings:

– Our shears and brake press allow us to fabricate aluminium pressings up to an impressive length of 4000mm.

– For larger pressings exceeding this length, our skilled team can weld sections together seamlessly or provide joint sections for on-site assembly.

Comprehensive Project Support:

– From initial concept sketches to the delivery of the finished product, we offer end-to-end support for your requirements.

– Whether you desire a raw aluminium finish, powder coating, or a sprayed finish, we have the expertise to fulfill your requirements.

Advanced Press Brake and Forming Tools:

– Utilizing our 4-meter press brake, along with cutting-edge punching and forming tools, we can fabricate complex parts with precision.

– Our extensive knowledge in sheet metal welding ensures that we can deliver high-quality and structurally sound components.

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