CAD Design

Resurgem Engineering provides computer aided design (CAD) 2D/3D services and CAM for Sheet Metal and a multitude of engineering products.
Utilising the latest software technology our design team can develop and produce detailed schematics and specifications through 3D designs represented in rendered images.
We have skilled Designers who specialise in AutoCAD, Solidworks, FreeCAD and AutoDESK. We can take a rough sketch or design via email and then produce a professional CAD design that is able to show accurate measurements, angles and part numbers for efficient construction and assembly.
Having access to both 2D and 3D software we are able to make any design come to life with 3D renders. In the past we have also used 3D laser scanning technology to get precise measurements and also 3D models which we can use to design around to ensure that your project will fit perfectly in any environment.

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2D CAD Engineering Drawings2D CAD

We use AutoCAD for most of our 2D Design, with our Engineering draftsmen being able to draw even the most complex parts in 2D. We are able to take the simplest hand sketches to full drawings ready for manufacture. Using 2D CAD is perfect for designing profiles ready for laser cutting or a quick way to produce proof of concept drawings.

3D Drawing of Safety Platforms3D CAD

For our 3D Design we use Solidworks to be able to draw projects in full 3D with interferer detection, animations and realistic looking renders. Combining this with our CNC Machines we can quickly and efficiently move from a 3D model to a physical product with minimal effort.

3D Render of Intricate Ceiling PanelsRenders & Animations

Using Solidworks allows us to product realistic looking renders for architect drawings to emphasise the project. Pairing renders with animations lets us produce walkthroughs, explosions of a part or manufacture details for any of our 3D designed parts. Adding textures and specialist finishes to our 3D designed parts lets us drop the part into a real world image to get a view into what a scene would look like instead of having to just imagine.