Section Bending

Metal Section Bending and Tube Bending services. Providing accurate bends for use in architectural construction and the engineering industry. Tube manipulation in Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium and other alloys available in tube format. Resurgem Engineering Ltd offer cold bending and induction bending capabilities by utilising the latest machinery and technology available to section benders.
With a Mandrel tube bender we are able to bend tubes in many diameters and thicknesses to precise dimensions in any axis. We are able to machine dies for bending and rolling most profiles, from box section to angles and any diameter of tube. This gives the customer the design freedom knowing that section bending can be done on most profiles. For some profiles heat bending is the way to go because of the speed and flexibility of working on a profile by hand, heat bending involves heating up material to a very high temperature, then pulling or pushing it around a pre-made form.

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