Laser Cutting

Resurgem provide industrial CNC controlled laser cutting services to the highest standard utilising 2D/3D cad files. We are able to produce sheets in carbon steel, mild steel and boiler plate steel. We can create laser engraved designs on sheet metal and cover both architectural and industrial applications and needs for laser cutting. With the ability to laser cut thicknesses from 0.9mm to 10mm or thicker means we can cater to your needs. Being able to cut most materials, including Mild and Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Brass and Copper means we can pair this with our sheet metal fabrication and press braking to fold and weld intricate designs that could only be achieved with laser cutting. For the thicker materials that need a higher precision we also have access to a high pressure water jet cutter which has tolerances many times smaller that laser cutting on thicker materials.

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