Laser Cutting

Resurgem provide industrial CNC controlled laser cutting services to the highest standard utilising 2D/3D cad files. We are able to produce sheets in carbon steel, mild steel and boiler plate steel. We can create laser engraved designs on sheet metal and cover both architectural and industrial applications and needs for laser cutting. With the ability to laser cut thicknesses from 0.9mm to 10mm or thicker means we can cater to your needs. Being able to cut most materials, including Mild and Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Brass and Copper means we can pair this with our sheet metal fabrication and press braking to fold and weld intricate designs that could only be achieved with laser cutting. For the thicker materials that need a higher precision we also have access to a high pressure water jet cutter which has tolerances many times smaller that laser cutting on thicker materials.

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Laser Cut Steel Flower PanelsCutting Capacities

With access to Laser Cutting machines with beds up to 4 meters long means we can get profiles cut for any use. Skilled operators ensure that the finish on each part is perfect by tuning the lasers for each thickness and type of material.

Laser Cut Canopy BracketsLaser Engraving

With control over the power of the lasers, we are also able to laser etch the material. This means that we can mark the material but not cut right through, the allows ID numbers, certification markings or weight requirements be permanently fixed to the part. We use laser marking in conjunction with our press brake to etch the bending lines onto the more complex parts.

Thick Mild Steel Laser CuttingAlternatives

For some projects, we can opt to use either water jet cutting or plasma cutting depending on the customer requirement. Water jet cutting uses a high pressure jet of water with an abrasive to ‘eat’ through the material. Plasma cutting is perfect for cutting thicker steel plates where a nice edge isn’t required, Plasma cutting is generally quicker than both laser cutting and water jet cutting and can be done by hand.

Pressed Leaves in Brass, Copper and Mild SteelMaterials

We have the capacity to cut up to 20mm thick mild steel, but also thicker materials in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, brass and copper. Pairing laser cutting with our CNC Mills means accurate, precise and quick processing of many materials with the laser cutting cutting the profile to the required shape and the CNC Mill doing the secondary operations such as counter boring, tapping laser cut holes and also machining only half way though the material.