Plate Rolling

At Resurgem we have access to many different sizes of rolls for many different applications. With the smaller rolls we are able to precisely roll thinner materials without marking and with the larger roll are able to roll the thicker, wider and longer parts. Pulling on our experience, we can roll not only full cylinders but also cones and spirals to precise measurements. Pairing plate rolling with our press brake means we can manufacture complex parts that want both sharp bends and rolled sections. We provide Plate Rolling Services for industrial processes in large production runs, supplying Cone, Cylinder, Tubes, Arcs and Multi Radius sections using Metal from 1mm to 50mm thickness and up to 3 meters in length. All Plate Rolling metal types are supported and include Stainless Steel and Duplex Plate Rolling. Machined and Flame cut edge preparation is available as well as Heat Treatment Operations like Stress Releive, Solution Anneal and Normalise.

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Tall Stainless Steel CylindersCylinders

Having rolls of varying sizes and diameters means that we can roll whole cylinders or tube and make them perfectly round ready for welding. We can do cylinders in multiple pieces depending on the overall diameter required. We have access to large rolls which means we can roll material up to 50mm thick.

Top and Bottom Cone RollingsCones

We can roll cones in any material and any thickness required. Being able to make cylinders and cones means we can manufacture items like hoppers or funnels in any diameter, height, thickness or material. We can also roll cones with a shallower angle for parts such as chimneys or vases.

Rolled Stainless Steel StringerSpirals

We have the expertise to roll spirals in any material or size. Spirals are perfect for spiral stairs or as a handrail. We can accuratly roll a spiral to any diameter or pitch. Using our 3D CAD package Solidworks we can get spirals Laser cut with the holes for the steps in the correct location instead of having to measure off the spiral once rolled.